Combining the original architectural form of the 1900s with modern elements such as glass, concrete, and steel, THE NINETY refines classic loft living in Queen East. Classic detailing of days gone by, fused with the sleek crisp lines of modernistic design has formed a stunning nine-storey residence. At its core is an oversized courtyard that brings a unique green experience to everyday life.

Large expanses of glass allow natural light to fill the beautiful interiors, while the exposed concrete walls emphasize the warehouse loft experience. Add to this, designer European kitchens and premium hardwood flooring thereby creating a stylish, cultured setting that you will call home.

THE NINETY, in the heart of Queen East, reflects the fusion of modernism with warehouse-style architecture, similar to the vernacular of the surrounding area. The use of clay toned brick and distinctive warehouse million grid pattern will ensure a comfortable fit within neighborhood.

Rather than a reading as one building, the design translates as a playful collage of multiple structures. The composition has three distinctive parts; the existing 1900s building to the north, the addition above formed by large expanses of glass and aluminum cladding, and the new warehouse loft additional to the south.

The warehouse loft addition utilizes horizontal bands of deep crimson brick, and sheets of glass subsided primary with horizontal mullions. When you reach the top, continuous glazed balconies wrap the building, topped off by a concrete wing overhand, all anchored by one vertical brick element.

The modern interpretation of loft living is further enhanced by a sleek concrete sill protruding the building facade that frames the lower levels.

Armed with a strong urban design sense, Core Architects has designed THE NINETY, featuring 222 lofts and penthouses, offering up to 10 foot ceilings.